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How to equalise risk in healthcare systems

By Sinéad Clarke, Diana Dodu, Tanya Hayward, Judith Houtepen, Lindsy Kotecki, Monika Lis, Erica S. Baird (formerly, Erica Rode), and Rong Yi
03 February 2020

About the Author(s)

Sinéad Clarke

Dublin Tel: 353 1 6475512

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Diana Dodu

Bucharest Tel: 40 786 772 555

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Tanya Hayward

San Diego

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Judith Houtepen

Amsterdam Tel: 31633968589

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Lindsy Kotecki

Minneapolis Tel: 1 952 8202464

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Monika Lis

Warsaw Tel: 48 22 6306203

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Erica S. Baird (formerly, Erica Rode)

Minneapolis Tel: 1 952 820 2462

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Rong Yi

New York Tel: 1 781 462 8099

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