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The data science & artificial intelligence (AI) disruption

To stay competitive, companies need to maximize the value of data by using it strategically, managing it effectively, and gaining relevant new skills and partnerships. Milliman has the expertise and experience to help you use data science to innovate and outperform. With a team of 50 experts across offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, and Luxemburg, we support you in your journey toward data-driven excellence.


Our service offerings

Milliman data science offers a wide range of services to help organizations transform.

Data science projects

We work closely with your domain experts and data scientists, we build custom AI algorithms to facilitate automated decision making and predictive modelling. Our experts can deliver results using a wide variety of programming languages and tools to meet your needs.


Help your workforce understand the strengths and limitations data science and AI, recognize the value of your data, and capitalize on data-driven business opportunities. We offer tailored learning programs for both technical and business audiences.

Organizational change

Become a data-driven organization with a comprehensive data strategy, relevant upskilling, and cultural change that embeds data in decision making across your business. We help you define the roadmap and support you in the journey toward data science leadership.


Our Approach

A focused, strategic approach accelerates data value. We help you translate business priorities into analytics initiatives and build a strategic roadmap for growth. This ensures that your first use cases deliver results to strengthen buy-in and investment going forward. Our typical approach has five key elements.

Phase 1

Business translation

In this phase, we work with your domain experts to define the objective of the project, key performance indicators, boundary conditions and the approach we will take to solve the business case.

Phase 2

Data analysis

We collect, clean, structure, and analyze internal and external data to identify relevant patterns.

Phase 3


Machine learning models are trained, selected, and optimized based on qualitative and quantitative factors.

Phase 4


Evaluation of model results in collaboration with your team enables us to further refine the algorithms.

Phase 5


We help you implement the model in the production environment where it can begin delivering return on investment for your business.

Our experience

The Milliman Data Science Team has experience in a variety of industries and use cases.

Predicting customer behavior

Fraud detection

Customer service analytics & automation

Efficiency improvements

Customer segmentation

Claims & complaints handling

Pricing & underwriting

Capital allocation optimization

Point of sale insight


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